"The Contact Page"

Hey you, yeah you. Do you want a *.sure.rocks subdomain?

I'm offering free redirects to your site! Hit me up, and tell your friends! But first...

Please, please, please, read this entire page!

I know reading several paragraphs can be daunting to some, but it's important to read this full page to know how this all works, and the best way to get the subdomain you want.

Look, I try to make this interesting along the way, it's the least you can do.

General rules

There are no hard and fast rules to getting a subdomain if you want one, and everything is at my discretion.

I will make multiple subdomains for a single person, but please don't go crazy with the requests. "Normal" people usually only have 1 or 2 personal sites anyway.

Please use the same email when you email me, so I can get a rough idea of how many domains you've got. Again, no real limit, just be reasonable.

NSFW material is okay, as long as it isn't getting to a questionable legal level. Let me know if you have, or are planning to have, NSFW material on your site so that I can add it to the right list. If you are innocent enough to not know what 'NSFW' means, you can assume your site is SFW.

I do not promise any rights to your subdomain, and I'm at my own requirements with my domain registrar - so keep that in mind.

I will delete a subdomain without warning if necessary.

I only speak english, and I noa speaka that too well. I can get through broken english ok, but I'm gonna ignore emails with egyptian heirogyphs in them.

No whinning.

Is 'x' an available subdomain?

Check it out yourself!

As long as it's not too long, lets say 50 characters or so, type:
into the address bar.

If you are redirected back to this site's homepage, you should be pretty safe to assume it's available.

Pick a good one, I'm not at your beck and call and it's not my fault you got stuck with dickshittingnippletwisters for a subdomain.

I attempt to go through requests in order, so in the odd chance you and some one else request the same subdomain, it's first come - first served.

About redirects

Standard redirects will take you from a *.sure.rocks domain to your standard subdomain you got when you signed up with a host.
will become

Domain masking is another possibility, but I don't particularly like it. The *.sure.rocks subdomain will always show in your address bar, and it's impossible to reach other directories on your website from it.

I won't make masking subdomains unless you specifically ask. If you didn't understand the above paragraph, please don't ask for a masking domain.

I'm willing to work with you get get CNAMEs set up as well. Somes free webhosting sites support these, like tumblr.

A CNAME record will allow you to keep your *.sure.rocks subdomain everywhere on your site.
will become

Please check if your webhost allows this before requesting it, and send me their dns server address in your email. If your host allows this, but you are not interested in setting it up, I can still make a standard redirect to your site. It's just not as cool.

Changing or removing a subdomain

Not a problem, unless you want to change it every week or something.

Just send me an email, subject line: "My subdomain needs a changing!", or something similar. Let me know what your old subdomain was, and if applicable, what you want your new one to be.

If you're changing your subdomain, I'll likely just change the redirect from your old one to the new one right away. If you have visitors that don't know about the name change, they'll get directed here. If you have a lot of site traffic we can work something out where I make the new domain, and the old domain point to the same site. Then I can remove the old one after a decent amount of time.

If you are closing your site, I do appreciate being told you're done with the subdomain. I'll take it off the list, (see below) and remove it from the registrar.

List of sites that sure rock!

If I decide to make you a subdomain, I will, by default, add you to the site list. It's a measurement of my E-Peen.

If you decide you don't want to be on the list, let me know in your contact email. Being on the list isn't mandatory, but extending the list makes me a little happier.

Your site, which you just implied is important to you, is down. What the fuck!?

Well, that is unfortunate. Unless there is some glitch, I may have ran out of moola in my hosting account. Have no fear! This does not affect your subdomain in any way!

Hopefully I'll have the site back up in no time at all. You can still reach me through my email address. If the site is down but someone you told about it wants to set up a subdomain, fill them in on things the best you can, and have them email me anyway.

I'm impatient! How long does this take?!

Well, there are several factors.

The first is just how long it takes me to check my email. Sometimes I'm not very good about it. Likely though, this will be the longest waiting period. I'll do a quick check over your site after I recieve your request. I need to make sure it's not some horrible gore and torture porn fetish site. (Although I may try and contact you about that later.)

Second, setting up the subdomain. This usually doesn't take too long. It takes a few minutes usually to make the subdomain and point it in the right spot, banking on the fact that you gave me correct information. Record caching and propagation times I can't really control. For me, I'm usually able to use the new domain in about 15 minutes. For a domain to fully propagate over every name server on the net though, that could take a few days.

If you didn't specifically say you that you didn't want to be on the site list, your link should appear about 24 hours after I set up your subdomain. If you notice your site hasn't been added after a few days, and you wanted it in the list, feel free to shoot me another email. Preferably with "HEY DICKNOSE ADD MY SITE TO YOUR LIST" or something similar in the subject line.

Technical bullshit

These are 302 and CNAME redirects. If you are one of those people who are worried about "search engine optimization" and say business acronyms a lot, you are freely entitled to take a long relaxing drive off a short cliff. If you want that junk, go register your own domain, and quit bugging us cool people who just wanna make neat frivolities.

I made it to the end!

Cool beans, if you read that entire page (I do get rather long-winded some times) and want a fancy-schmansy custom subdomain that will impress your friends and make all the ladies, guys, tentacle monsters, succubi, and/or eyeless alien horrors with acid blood swoon, you can email me at:

Please put "I sure rock, and want a sweet subdomain!" or something similar in your email subject line. Let me know if your site is NSFW or not, and be detailed in what you want your subdomain to be, what type of redirect, and where you want it to point. Supply any other needed information of course!

I've got other questions!

Ahh, geez! This page is super friggin' long already! Look, if you've got some other burning question you need answered, check the FAQ. If they aren't there; write me a properly formatted (block form) email, with a subsequently short but descriptive subject line, and I'll do my best to maybe getting around to reading it, and possibly replying.